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Adelanto car accident law firm
We handle the following types of cases:
Slip and Fall lawyer Personal Injury
car wreck lawyer Medical Malpractice
 Southern California lawyer Auto and Motorcycle Accidents
 Southern California lawyer Truck Accidents
 Southern California lawyer Bus Accidents
 Southern California lawyer Train Accidents
Lawyer Wrongful Death
Attorney Slip and Falls
Dog Bites
Biker Lawyer Assault and Battery
motorcycle accident lawyer Family Law
medical malpractice lawyer Divorce
defective products lawyer Child Support
california personal injury7 lawyer Spousal Support
Truck Accidents Community Property
Trial Lawyer General Civil Litigation
norman gregory fernandez Torts
norman fernandez Contract Law
california personal injury7 lawyer Employment Discrimination
 Southern California lawyer ADA (Disability) Actions
norman fernandez Civil Law
slip and fall Business Law
trip and fall Sexual Assault
Bus Accidents Products Liability
family law Real Property Litigation
Business Litigation Criminal Law
Alimony Criminal Misdemeanor & Felony
Deadbeat Dad Drunk Driving
Insurance Defense State Appeals
lawsuit defense Personal Injury Defense
 Southern California lawyer Habeas Corpus
 Southern California lawyer Hydroxycut Diet Drug Cases

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Personal Injury Defense

A good personal injury defense team knows how to defend and challenge each aspect of the case; liability, nature and extent of injuries, reasonableness of treatment, affirmative defenses, and equitable indemnity (cross-complaints).

Our firm does what it takes to put on an aggressive tactical and strategic defense to resolve each case in the most cost effective manner.

Civil Defense Practice for All

If you have been sued in Civil Court, and do not have insurance that will tender a defense, give us a call for a consultation.

Insurance Companies & Self Insured Entities

Our firm is experienced in handling personal injury and workers compensation defense matters for insurance companies, and self insured entities. We can handle your new case files, and existing claim files. We will work with your adjusters throughout the prosecution of the case, reporting each aspect of the case in a timely manner. We will make recommendations and work with you so that each defense matter we handle for you will be brought to a timely and cost effective resolution through either settlement or litigation.

Whether you have a standard matter or an S.I.U. matter, we will work with your company, investigators, and experts to bring your matters to a prompt resolution.

We offer competitive hourly rates for defense cases.

Workers Compensation Defense

A good Workers Compensation Defense team knows how to utilize the latest changes in the code (SB-899) to minimize your exposure to fullest extent the law allows. With the latest changes to the law, applicants have lost their PTP presumption, and have to show causation in order to obtain a PD award. This means that applicant's can now be challenged with respect to causation and apportionment. LC 4663 & LC 4664.

Our firm knows how to challenge AOE/COE, nature and extent, PD, and QIW status, utilizing QME's for injuries grandfathered into the old code, and the new AMA guidelines with respect to rating PD under the new code.

We will depose applicant's, utilize Cross-Examinations of AME's, and work with investigators and sub-rosa evidence to achieve take nothing awards when possible, or to achieve C&R's for the lowest amounts possible.

Let our aggressive firm can handle your workers compensation defense cases before the Workers Compensation Appeals Board.

Call us now at 818-584-8831, Ext. 1.

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